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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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Tamerat Yemane

Tamerat Yemane is Me’emunay’s radio diaries producer who has produced eight diarists’ stories for transmission on two of Tigray’s local radio stations. Born and raised in Mekelle, Tamerat got his elementary education in Mekelle and moved to Debresina for his high school education. Before joining the Betengna team, he has had several years of experience working at the Tigray region’s media organization.

Tamerat likes working with the radio diarists because of the stories they are able to tell and change the lives of others. It also makes him happy to see his diarists get the support they need from listeners.

In his past time, Tamerat likes to read books and hang out with his friends and family in his hometown, Mekelle.

His most memorable interview moment was when his first diarist told him how he was not able to have sex with his wife he married at a very young age because he didn’t know where her reproductive organs were.

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