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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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Shewaye Arega

Shewaye was born and raised in rural Oromia from parents working in a nearby factory.

He began his career in journalism reading the news in Afan Oromo. He recalls how one day he thought his job at a radio station needed more excitement and how he sneaked into the studio without the knowledge of his supervisor to read the news live instead of pre-recorded like he usually did. “I’ll never forget the excitement I felt that day,” he says. It was this thirst for excitement that led him to producing Aantee, another Betengna's Afan Oromo program. He also loves to travel to the zones and woredas of Oromia to meet and spend time with his diarists.

Shewaye’s favorite past time is horse riding, watching soccer games, chatting with the elderly, spending time with his family and whenever he can he also likes to help out the elderly.

Aantee is currently featuring the diaries of Obse Demissie in Afan Oromo, which airs on Oromia Radio on Saturdays at 6:08 pm and the re-run on Tuesdays at 6:38 am.

To listen to Shewaye’s memorable interview moment click here

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