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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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Sheger FM Broadcasts • Aida Yemane
Sheger FM Broadcasts • Aida Yemane
Not everyone has passed through harsh punishments from one's own parents as Aida Yemane has, growing up. Aida was one of Betengna's avid listeners; who called in every day after an episode was aired. But one of her calls I received recently was different; she said "I have a lot to share; I want to be a diarist." Wanting to put a picture to the friendly voice I'm used to over the phone, we arranged to meet at a coffee shop convenient to both of us. When I met Aida, I couldn't believe the girl sitting right in front me was Aida. She is young, slender and strikingly beautiful. As I was contemplating her beauty and youth, she started opening up about her life, from childhood to marriage to her uncle. The moment she started telling her stories my astonishment with her beauty turned into sadness. Thinking that this girl deserved a larger audience, I have brought her to you on Sheger FM 102.1.


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