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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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Meeting Nardos PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sosena Tesfaye   

Meeting NardosThe day when I had organized for Nardos’ listeners to come and meet her in person, the weather was very bad. The rain which started to pour early in the morning was incessant. It was raining so much; it seemed like no one would leave their houses and come to meet Nardos. So, I lost all hope. As I was getting into my office, I started praying for at least ten of the registered listeners to come.

A New Diarist on Me’emunaye PDF Print E-mail

Selamawit was born and raised in Asmara, Eritrea. At a time and in a manner she had not expected, she was given an opportunity to go to her parents’ birth place in Ethiopia. When she started living in the rural zone called Gerhusirnaye in Adwa, Tigray, many things baffled her. It was difficult for her to fit into the culture of the community and that of her school. She was also finding it hard to understand the language her teachers were using.  Many things have become strange to her.

Selamawit will be sharing her story with us three times a week on Dimtsi Woyane and FM Mekelle 104.4, listen in.

Searching for the “Real” Persons PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mesenbet Hailu   

In one of the coffee shops around Piazza, a girl was sitting at one of the tables by herself. She kept on checking her watch again and again while at the same time looking attentively at the customers entering the Coffee shop one after the other.


Before long, a tall slender man attired with a thick blue jacket entered the Coffee shop where he had an appointment. When he hesitantly advanced towards the girl sitting at the table; she immediately stood up and welcomed him. These two people had never seen each other before. Both of them reside in different parts of the world.

Parents Who Miss Their Kids PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sosena Tesfaye   

On my special program this week I’ll take you ten years back; to those days when HIV was a threat drawn like a skeleton, when there was no hope of survival for those who tested positive, when being HIV positive meant death and  the prevalence and level of stigma  in the country was very high.

Email of the week PDF Print E-mail

Every week, Betengna selects their favorite email from a listener and shares it with you. Send us your email now!


Yaa ilillii birraa yaa asheeta lagaa

Yaa barsiiftuu lammii hundee seenaa dhugaa

Torbee hanga torbeetti hawwiinin sieegaa

Jiraadhu yaa aantee yaa qophii miidhagaa


Habtamu Feleke, East Harerghe Zone Gurawa High school.


Helpful Tips for Telling Children Their HIV Status PDF Print E-mail

This is an excerpt from an article entitled “Talking with Your Children about Your HIV Status or Your Children’s Status”, Amy Buch (July, 2005).

When thinking about talking to your children about your HIV status or your children’s status, you might feel overwhelmed by different emotions. It is normal to feel frightened, anxious, or guilty. It may help to discuss your feelings and how and what you will say with someone you trust, such as a doctor, counselor, family member, or friend. You may also want to share your disclosure plans with those who know your HIV status, so they’ll be prepared to give accurate, reassuring, calm responses if the children bring it up with them.

Take some comfort in what you know: how your children learn new information, what your children may already know about HIV, and what feels most supportive to your family. Use this knowledge to decide how to disclose about HIV to your family. While there may not be an exact best way to disclose, there are some steps you can take to prepare.

Telling Children about Their HIV Status

Before talking, think about why you want your child to know. Perhaps your child has been in the hospital, taking medications, or asking questions. Whatever your reason, make sure that you are okay with your child knowing. If it is not okay with you, it may not be okay with your child.

Bezawit is on air again on Debub FM PDF Print E-mail

BezawitDebub FM listeners will never forget Bezawit Tesfaye & her captivating true stories. A lot has happened since her last episode two years ago. This time she’s back to share her authentic stories from sickness to wining a beauty contest and becoming “Miss Jegnit 2010.” Bezawit will stay with us for a few weeks, so be sure to follow her story.

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