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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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Every week, Betengna selects their favorite email from a listener and shares it with you. Send us your email now!


Yaa ilillii birraa yaa asheeta lagaa

Yaa barsiiftuu lammii hundee seenaa dhugaa

Torbee hanga torbeetti hawwiinin sieegaa

Jiraadhu yaa aantee yaa qophii miidhagaa


Habtamu Feleke, East Harerghe Zone Gurawa High school.


I have recently started to listen to your program, the first being Seniet Abraham's heart breaking story. May God keep you under his protection! I will remember you in my prayers. You have been through a lot. As for your boyfriend, i think he is pure evil. God bless!

Tsega from London

Ps. Mesenbet keep up the good work my brother!



Qopheessitoota sagantaa raadiyoo Aantee tiif

Duraan dursee galanni koo isin haa gahu,

Bakki dhaloota kootii hararge bahaa magaala haramayaati ergan biyyaa bahee Ganna 30 taheera

Qophiin Aantee nuu dhiyeessitanu galaana ceetee Biyya Rippaabliika Ayerlaanditti nu barsiisaa jira.Uumaa Shawaa dhuguma sabrii guddaa qabda jabaadhu waaqni sibira haa dhaabbatu kanin jedhu

Abdee Mummad Biyya Rippaablika Ayerlaand Irraa



More e-mails


First I would like to congratulate the Radio Diaries Team, for presenting us true stories of people living with HIV from the story teller themselves. For me, nothing can be more important than listening to stories of marginalized or stigmatized people living with HIV.  I say this because it is from understanding these stories that policies be formed to strengthen the health care system in Ethiopia. For the past few weeks, I have been listening to Senait’s diaries and I am amazed by the struggles she had to endure in her upbringing.

I am also astonished by how every episode of Senait's stories revolved around a main theme. With every episode, I was able to recognize how women in Ethiopia are at a higher risk of being infected with HIV. Senait was involved in sexual interaction without the use of condoms with her partner. To add, she did not fully anticipate consequences such as unwanted pregnancy in her case.  I believe she did this to show her devoted love to her boyfriend. However, love, trust and fully devoting self to our partner should not prevent us from making a wise judgment. That is, women should engage in protected sex during each sexual interaction with a loved partner. (This applies to non-married couples). This issue is not only relevant in Ethiopia as was indicated in Senait’s story. I believe Ethiopian women residing in North America are as much higher risk as the women in Ethiopia if certain protective measures are not taken during sexual interaction.  I am going to conclude my final thought with this quote…"Pregnancy only last for Nine-months...HIV…lasts longer"... (BCAD)


Health Policy Student- Lina


Hello there. I don’t have any Amharic word to use on his computer. I love, love, love your Radio programs I can’t wait every week to listen to it on your web-site. You guys are teaching millions of Amharic & other languages listeners around the world. I am asking some of my family and friends to listen to your programs on the web site.

Please thank for me all of the people who had the courage to tell us their true stories, I will keep listening. ONE THING THOUGH “MORE TIME” 20 MINUTES IS NOTHING. Thank you!

Amanuel Gebresilase

Dallas, TEXAS

Hello Ms Amel. Thank you for your reply and congratulation to the entire Betengna team for winning the media award. Your work certainly deserves the recognition for its informative and compelling radio broadcasts. I have tuned to Betengna for about a year now on FM 97.1 and recently moved to another country and started listening to the online streams. One thing I like about the program is that it humanizes the problem of HIV and it lets us know that it can happen to anyone of us. Your way of presenting it is exceptional unlike any radio program in Ethiopia, keep up the good work!!
I am now listening to the story of Senait Abrham. Your website is very good and very easy to explore. Actually, I am listening to the latest program as I write you this mail right now. Thanks again.

Haile Awoke

Selam Amel. I stumbled upon the Betengna radio web site as I was surfing the web. I listened to all episodes of Senait Abraham’s diaries. It breaks my heart to hear such stories. Senait is a great story teller. I also want to congratulate Betengna for a great program. I also listened to the captivating narration of Tizita Asfaw. She told her story so simply yet so moving and genuine. I was moved to tears when I heard how she lost her mother as a little girl and how isolated she and her sisters were as other kids avoided them. She faced so much adversity with such courage and she managed to survive. In her narration, in spite of being victim of others and circumstances, there is no trace of bitterness, judgment or ill will towards others. The depth of her humanity is amazing. Her faith in God is inspiring. A young woman so simple yet with great human qualities. In the final episode when I heard that her son tested negative I have to fight tears of joy. Such overwhelming circumstances that bring down even the strongest of men did not break her. Tizita is a heroine and my hats off to her


Grum Ketema

Hello. My name is Rutha and I live in Sweden but my soul is still in Ethiopia with my country and with my people.
I always listen to BETENGNA and really love the website and the idea. But I feel so guilty and bad that I’m not doing something for my Ethiopian sisters and brothers. BETENGNA really inspired me to think deeper and open my eyes.
Please email me back and give me some ideas what I can do from here, if there is anything you think I can do for my people, please let me know.
And tell all BETENGNAS THAT I AM PROUD OF THEM,   proud that they are Ethiopian, proud that they are mine. I am planning to come to Ethiopia after two months and I hope I can visit Betengna. I love all of you!!!




I live in South Africa, Cape town. I always listen to Hiwot Mamo’s show and it really amazes; she really is a wonderful woman. I just wanna tell her be strong and to always look after her self. Stay blessed.
Jordan Asefa
Cape town, SA

I just have finished listening to Kiros's Diaries. First, I would like to pay my respect to Kiros for sharing his personal experience so others would learn from it and keep themselves from HIV AIDS. Second, for the program producers, Betengna is not only educative but also regardless of the physical distance between Ethiopia and where we live, thank you for reaching us through the internet and keeping us real close to home. Samson Moges
Virginia, U.S.A

Hi Betengna, I happened to hear your radio program through internet by chance. First of all I would like to thank your organization for bringing to the light about the victims of HIV and their amazing stories. It has changed my way of thinking completely. Again thank you. The other reason for writing this email is that in one of your radio program; I believe it was in Awasa, one of your journalists did program about a homeless child named Miheretu Ayele. It was touchy and difficult simply to pass it. The word he used is still ringing in my mind "may be some day things will be better" as they say hope keeps alive. God bless his little heart. Is there any way I can get his address? My email address Thanks.
Elias Mekuria
Alexandria, U.S.A

Betengna is the best of radio programs I ever listened to. Well presented & well researched. I have personally introduced many friends and family. It gives the listener a photographic vision about every aspects of the individuals’ life. Keep it up!

Selam, UK

I have just finished listening to Tizita Asfaw’s last episode. What the amazing road of life. Still what surprised me is how Tizita is lovely wife and committed woman I have never heard. Please post me I what to know this family future; I just came back from Ethiopia and visit frequently, in my next trip I want to visit. I started listening to Henok Tefera’s diaries. The good news I have heard this morning is, one University research here in Canada found cure for HIV. It is early stage, will post you as this research progress.
Again, thanks for your great work

Berhanu Wame

You are doing great JOB!! I am getting detailed information for my school!!! Please keep up and get to us with more of what you have!! Betengna Radio, I am addicted!
Thank you!
Absera, Norway

Hey Betengna producers my name is Masresha Mengistu and I’m living in USA also I’m your day today audience online. Your program is awesome, I’ve learned a lot from your program, but you take a long time to load online. I don't
Listen to any other radio program except yours. Thank you!
Masresha, USA

I discovered Betengna Radio by chance a few weeks ago and I started listening to Bezawit's story. It makes you sad, cry, smile and sometimes laugh. It's very touching. As soon as I finish it I will continue to listen to the other stories.
I live in Alexandria, Virginia in the US and I run an advertising paper called "Atref Advertisements". I have a large number of readers in the Washington, DC area. How can I help your organization?
Elias Haileyesus
Alexandria, USA

I am a big fan of Betengna radio, it is different and I am quite sure it is helping to educate the people. I am proud of all of your Betengna gusts who dare to share their life experience which was very rare back in the days while I was in Ethiopia.
Sirak is one of my best, his tone and the way he tells his story even the flow.....he is the best. One thing I am concerned about is as I am listening via internet, it is not updated as it should be and your internet radio followers are lagging behind. For instance Sirak's Story stopped on Dec 21, that’s the latest and as the radio broadcast on weekly bases we are two weeks behind. Correct me if I am wrong. Other than this i love your radio and keep it up. Respectfully.
Paulos Kebede

Washington DC, USA

We were surfing the internet and we landed on your website by accident, but since then we have been dedicated listeners online. We love the way you present and coordinate the program. Even though we are away from home (Ethiopia) we get to learn about the way society deals with HIV and that is a big lesson for us since we plan to come back home for good. My wife and I are both touched every time when we hear Shegaw tell his story, if you could allow us to contact him we will like to help him out. He could call us collect or if you email us his number we will call him. Thank you and we will continue to be your dedicated listeners as you present great stories.
Girma Mogus & Frehiwot Mamo
Kansas City, USA