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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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The way I see it is a discussion board that lets you and other Betengna listeners voice their thoughts and ideas about topics explored in Betengna. You’re now one click away from being heard!

2010.01.04 11:48:57

We received a comment from one of our listeners who thinks that the diaries of one person run for too long. They explained that instead of spending weeks talking about thier childhood and other 'irrelevant details' we should get to the heart of the story quickly and explain how they got infected with HIV. For all intensive purposes Betengna thinks this is a fair comment but would like to hear what the rest of you think. Are the stories from the diarists' pasts 'irrelevant'? Or do you have another opinion?  The floor is yours.


2010.01.27 05:29:15

I agree

2010.01.27 06:07:00

I love the fact that the diarists get to share their full stories starting from their childhood in their own words and voices. Listening to them speak about their life experiences that are similar to the once we witness or live through makes their stories relatable and captivating. They truly concur the feeling of strangeness between society and HIV+ individuals. through their stories, they bring the realization that HIV+ individuals come from similar back ground as we do, live in our communities, neighborhoods and homes. Without their full stories, their efforts of in reaching out to us will just be another talk of HIV that we the audience could not connect to. This is just my opinion in a nut and with that being said, I truly would like to thank them for their courage in sharing their lives with us. Thank you


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