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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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Awet Gebregziabher PDF Print E-mail

Awet Gebregziabher is a producer for Me’emuney radio diaries program. Born in Adwa, Tigray, he grew up in various towns including Asmara and Addis Ababa. He received his first degree in English in 2001 and Master of Arts degree in Literature in 2006. Although he began his career teaching language and communication courses in higher institutions, he’s always been interested in the arts and literature. Soon afterwards he switched to the production of media materials. He has produced documentary films, radio programs, and articles while working in different multi-media organizations.

He has travelled to some of the most remote and daring places in the country to direct cultural documentaries for ‘Hagere’, a weekly television and radio program aired on the national television. He has also directed a short documentary entitled Beyond Tolerance, at a training session coordinated by the Ethiopian Film Institute, which was later selected for screening at the Festival de Canes in 2010.

He has joined the vibrant group of producers working on Me’emuney, Betengna, and Antee since May of 2012.

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