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Meeting Nardos PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sosena Tesfaye   

Meeting NardosThe day when I had organized for Nardos’ listeners to come and meet her in person, the weather was very bad. The rain which started to pour early in the morning was incessant. It was raining so much; it seemed like no one would leave their houses and come to meet Nardos. So, I lost all hope. As I was getting into my office, I started praying for at least ten of the registered listeners to come.

To my surprise, some listeners had already arrived at 9:00 am, an hour earlier. I was amazed. When the time came for the event to commence, the number of those who showed up was substantial. I was glad that the heavy rainfall had not hindered the listeners to meet Nardos whom they had been following for the past eight months.

Now Nardos’ listeners are eagerly anticipating her arrival. Before she came in however, I asked them what they thought she looked like and what her character was like. Their responses were astonishing. It was difficult to accept that they only knew her on radio. They guessed her appearance accurately even the color of her skin. Her listeners even knew what her likes and dislikes were, may be even more than those who say they were Nardos’ close acquaintances. When they started describing her character, saying that she is a kind loving person, patient, smart etc. it seemed as though they knew her not only on radio but also that they had been her friends for a long time.

The time for Nardos to introduce herself was approaching. Although they were expecting her to come in from outside, she was in their midst the whole time. I had told her to keep a low profile and not say anything during the discussions because if she so much as sneezed or coughed they would recognize her voice right away. So, when it was time, she rose up from their midst and introduced herself. This was unexpected for the audience. The minute she stared to introduce herself what transpired was nothing like I had expected. Her listeners were hugging her and crying. I was first taken by surprise then I also started to fight tears back. After some time had passed with the audience hugging and crying, we finally settled and began our discussion. Her listeners started to recount the stories which she had impressed upon them so much and from which they had gotten lessons. They told the stories exactly like it was told yesterday. They also revealed that most of them also had similar stories as Nardos. They began to tell their stories. As they did so, it was as though they were envious of the freedom she had to tell her story on radio. They also raised some questions which I had not anticipated. Some asked how she was able to continue living with her husband after having seen what he did. Some told her that they would have done certain things in their lives differently had they heard her story sooner. They were impressed by her tenacity and resolve to continue living with her husband. One woman even said that she would not have left her husband had she heard Nardos’ story sooner. I was also shocked to find that there were youngsters of not more than 13 years old, who had come to meet Nardos. Her story had captivated the hearts of the youth as well.

The meeting which started at 10:00 am went on for as long as 2:30 pm. Nardos and her listeners were not going to stop their discussion. They kept on chatting over coffee for some time. When they found out that there was one listener who had grown up with her, they began again to hug and cheer.

Finally, they exchanged phone numbers with her, telling her that they wished to be friends with her and be there for her. I was overjoyed because she was getting the love and care she deserves and also because the purpose for my preparing this event was accomplished.

For more on Nardos’ story, log on to our website to download and listen to Nardos’ 38th and 39thepisodes on Sheger FM 102.9.