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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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Parents Who Miss Their Kids PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sosena Tesfaye   

On my special program this week I’ll take you ten years back; to those days when HIV was a threat drawn like a skeleton, when there was no hope of survival for those who tested positive, when being HIV positive meant death and  the prevalence and level of stigma  in the country was very high.

On this episode, my guests will tell us how the world came crumbling before their eyes when they heard they were HIV positive and how they came to the decision to give up their kids for adoption. At that time, for these parents and many who were in similar situations, it was a death race; a race against death and a race to give their kids a better future. A future they can’t provide because death was looming to take them.

At present, things are changing for the better through hard work and through the sacrifices of extraordinary people. The prevalence and level of stigma is declining from time to time, access to free ART is good and the despair of people living with the virus is decreasing.

Some of these parents who were hopeless at the time and gave their kids up for adoption ten and eight years back are here today to share their pain, regrets and sorrows from missing their kids and from not being able to see them.

Let me invite you to listen to this program when these parents share their agony and the guilt they have to live with everyday, right after Nardos Debebe’s 35th diaries’ episode. I hope you will find this program interesting. Please give me your feedback and share with us if you have a similar one.