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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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Andnet Amare is a producer for Betengna radio diaries that is specifically prepared for the southern region.

Andnet, who is currently residing in Addis Ababa has produced 32 episodes and loves that her job exposes her to new experiences. She loves working with diverse groups and is always in search of new things. She feels that the diarists are her friends and not just people who come in to tell their stories. She says “they openly confide in me and tell me about problems they encounter, their secrets and their lives”.

Andinet loves the time she spends with her diarists because it gives her the opportunity to look at life from different perspectives. Although Tigrigna is her second language, because of the love she had for her job, she was able to improve her Tigrigna and produce a radio diaries program in Tigrigna for Me’emunay (Tigrigna version of Betengna) with seven episodes.

Andnet is also involved in other productions focusing on children and tries to use her spare time to write children’s story books.

Her slogan is, “Let’s all work towards having a world with HIV free babies!”

Andenet’s most memorable interview moment was when she had to record the experiences of a woman in labor and got permission to record her delivery experience. Andenet said that the lady was screaming and ranting so much and all her family members who were at the hospital were feeling anxious that “I also started to get very apprehensive”. Her labor went on for about 5 hours and Andenet recorded almost everything. “I especially remember the time of her delivery right when her baby came out and the emotions the mother had” said Andenet. Listen to Andenet’s memorable episode here.

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