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How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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About Us

Betengna- an Amharic word which refers to a welcomed guest who often visits one's home - presents a unique insight into what it really means to be HIV positive in Ethiopia. The first radio diaries program in Ethiopia, it is a captivating and practical way of addressing the issues of stigmatization and marginalization that many PLHA face, as well as the generally low perception of the severity and individual and communal susceptibility to HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia. The program showcases the diaries, real accounts, of ordinary people who want to share their experiences with listeners across Ethiopia and the world. Their stories start from their childhood and continue through to the events that led them to their present lives. They talk with honesty, openness and real emotion. Betengna also aims at addressing the array of social issues that revolve around HIV and AIDS in the modern world setting, such as risky behavior, stigma, positive living, etc.


In addition to the stories and other segments featured, Betengna also

  • conducts trainings for journalists from other radio stations to enhance their reporting skills on HIV, health and related issues.
  • establishes listening discussion groups have been established in various regions in Ethiopia where participants meet regularly to listen to Betengna together and discuss what they hear in terms of their own experiences.


Since 2006, Betengna has broadcast the stories of 14 diarists and counting. Every week, from Addis Ababa, SNNPR, Oromia and Tigray, they share with you the details of their everyday challenges and sorrows, strengths and triumphs. They show you how some of their decisions led to facing risks and bravely overcoming the consequences of these risks. As many of our listeners have expressed, the more you hear their stories, the more you'll want to know them better!


Betengna is managed by the National AIDS Resource Center, a project of the Johns Hopkins' Center for Communication Programs. Funding is provided by the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief throught the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


For project information of the Betengna Radio Diaries Program, please click visit our project page at Information is also available via downloading the project document.

Program are produced by;

Sosena Tesfaye

Tirsit Tesfaye

Tamrat Yemane

Shewaye Arega


For mor information on and resources of people living with HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia, please click here.
For more information and resources on HIV and AIDS in Ethiopia, please click here.